Week 7/8 and 9

Friday – 6pm Synchronous Online Class – Log in at – http://bit.ly/wbHKsV – Check out the video for help – https://vimeo.com/129911297 

Saturday – 9am – 2pm’ish’ – Face2Face class (last class of the course;(

-Today’s Meet Backchannel – https://todaysmeet.com/ED554

Friday, July 17th – Asynchronous Online Class (see assignment below)

Blog Assignment Check in –

The following artifacts should be on your Blog (with a short description of the assignment, process and relevance to your future instruction) by now.

  • Pixlr Photo Manipulation image (optional)
  • Digital Story
  • Podcast/Flipped Lesson (including interactive support materials)
  • Social Learning Tool presentation

Soon to come –

  • CommonSenseMedia Certificate
  • LOC Certificate
  • Unit Plan NEW PAGE – (including lessons and assessments)

SMARTBoard Resources

TeachersLED – Online Resources

Illuminations – Online resources for teaching Math

 Diigo Bookmarks tagged SMART board

SMART Exhcange – free and purchase lessons/Widgets/Manipulatives

SMART Notebook Express – create and view Notebook files

Intro to SMART board video by me and Dr. Langran

SMARTClassrooms YouTube Channel

SMARTBoard Search Engine

Download SMARTboard Notebook 11 (Installation code – Marymount Students only).

Required Reading/Exploring/Watching:

“Free Computers Don’t close the Rich-Poor Education Gap” by Gregory Ferenstein, TechCrunch, May 20, 2013

“Digital Divide is ‘Major Challenge’ in Teaching Low-Income Students, Survey Finds” by Betsy Isaacson, The Huffington Post, February 28, 2013

Bridging the Digital Divide by Comcast

Black Girls Code: Crashing the Digital Gender Divide video

BYOD to Bridge the Digital Divide by Michael Mills

Post 1 responses on your blog/Post 3 products on your blog:

– Post at least 1 response about the discussion on equity. Include strategies that you can use in your classroom.

– Post Embed/Link your Social Learning Presentation on blog

– Post Embed/Link your Podcast/Flipped lesson (that includes at least 4 paragraphs of description of process/experience) on blog

– Complete the Library of Congress Supporting Inquiry with Primary Sources online module. Allow 1 hour to complete this module. Upload a copy of your LOC certificate to your GSite. Make sure you have the most update adobe flash – https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

– Explore your classmates blogs and post a comment on at least two blogs OR find at least two articles about any topic we have discussed in class and Tweet using the #ED554 hashtag

Week 9 – Friday, July 17th – Asynchronous Online Class

Complete the two online learning modules anytime before midnight, July 31st. It should take you approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete (including a 15-minute break).

Our two modules are
  1. Online Learning
  2. Digital Citizenship and Online Safety
We will use the free online platform, Edmodo, for our online modules. You will have received an email from me to your Marymount Gmail account with the 6-letter group code. You need this code in order to join our online class. For instructions on how to join, view the video below. After joining, find the post that says, START HERE.
7-6-2015 12-00-58 PM

Housekeeping items:

  • Post all assignments to your blog by midnight on July 31st (let me know if extensions are needed)
  • Keep a look out for the course evaluations (should see them in your MU E-Mail on July 27). Your feedback is extremely important to me:)
  • Check out Blackboard after July 31st. I will have all you grades posted for your review.
  • Have a wonderful summer and great school year.Prof. Steve03865b45931cb5e1b15593dad7a52569

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  1. Dr. Knight I was trying to complete the EDMODO assignment and I received this message. You are requesting to join: Mr. Knight’s Summer #ED554
    You have requested to join this group. The owner of this group must approve your request.


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